Aircheck: ABC, 2/26/1984

The year is 1984. A little over a month after the Los Angeles Raiders scalped the Washington Redskins in the 18th Super Bowl, the 2nd USFL season got underway.

ABC carried USFL action on Sunday afternoons, with college football play by play “hoss” Keith Jackson and former Pittsburgh Steeler Lynn Swann calling the action on the network’s “A” game, which is the game going to the most markets. Keith and Lynn were in Birmingham for the game between the hometown Stallions against the New Jersey Generals.

At halftime, Jackson interviewed the owners, and you may have heard of the guy on the left in recent months. Yep, that’s the 37 year old Donald Trump being interviewed about the Generals, the team he owned in 1984 and 1985. The USFL folded in 1986 when they attempted to switch to a fall and winter season to go head to head with the NFL at mostly Trump’s behest. The USFL would sue the NFL and win, but the victory was a hollow one as they only got $3 in the antitrust verdict.

For many, this was one of Trump’s first TV appearances on a national stage, and worthy of a look back.


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