Trump In Tampa, Redux


Donald Trump was once again in the Tampa Bay area last night, rallying his “troops” to vote him in for President. The latest polls are showing everything from a comfortable Hillary win to a tight election to a slight Trump victory.

Just remember folks, national polls are as insignificant as a man or a woman with a third nipple, because the popular vote means nothing. The presidential election is about winning 270 votes in the Electoral College, which isn’t where someone goes to school. Win the 11 most populous states, even by one vote, and it doesn’t matter if you’re landsided in the other 39.

Some polls that look at every state see a Clinton win, while the Real Clear Politics map that includes a toss-up column has Hillary at 262 electoral votes with 150 more votes in the toss-up column. If that holds, Trump can afford to surrender six electoral votes and no more and still win. Meaning he can lose in Iowa or Nevada, but not both. Any other toss-up state lost makes Hillary our first female President.

Trump’s speech in Tampa last night offered nothing new, other than reactions to news events already offered when he had spoke earlier in the day in St. Augustine. I keep noticing that when Trump comes to town, he never visits Pinellas County. Why is that? Surely there are facilities over here such as Ruth Eckerd Hall or Tropicana Field (to name a few) that could accommodate a huge crowd to see him.

Maybe it’s because Hillsborough country has a better highway grid than we do, although with the building of a few roads to highway standards in the next few years, Tampa won’t hold that advantage for long.

Anyways, I know Mr. Trump has an election to win, but Donald (whom I soon hope to call Mr. President), would you mind paying Clearwater, or St. Petersburg, or even Largo a visit? We’d love to have you over here.

UPDATE, 10/25, 11:55am EDT: Real Clear Politics updated their map, putting Minnesota in the Clinton column. With 10 electoral votes, that puts Hillary at a projected 272 votes, enough to be President if everything holds. But, the one thing about this election is that this may change a few times between now and November 8th.


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