A Halloween Memory

The year was 1990. The date was Halloween, October 31st.

The girlfriend I had at the time and I were in her car, driving up Indian Rocks Road from Largo to her home in northwest Clearwater for the evening. Right around where a McDonald’s used to be, there were these people wearing these big, oversized heads that were obvious as you drove up, dressed in costume.

As we drew closer, it dawned on me that the big heads were characters from the new FOX cartoon, The Simpsons. One of them dressed as Homer, the others being dressed up as Marge, Bart, and Lisa, respectively.

Like I said, this was 1990 when I saw this. Little did we know at the time that the show would still be going strong over a quarter of a century later.

As for 2016, I wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween out there.


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