Waiting On The World To Change


We are now seven days away from the most ballyhooed elections in our country’s history. In all likelihood, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the 45th US President. While I voted for Trump, I’m beginning to suspect that the victor sometime on the evening of November 8th or the morning of the 9th will be Hillary, who will become the first woman to hold the office.

Events of the past few days would seem to indicate that the outcome may still be in doubt. The FBI re-opened their E-mail investigation of the Democratic candidate, for one thing. The name of Anthony Weiner, the former New York congressmen shamed from office over a sexting scandal, has re-surfaced, along with Clinton aide (among other things, possibly) Huma Abedin. Somehow, 650,000 pieces of E-mail (or at least who sent and received all of those) have surfaced, which may bring to light where Hillary’s 33,000 missing E-mails may have gone to, and to whom.

To counter this, the media has dug up old allegations against Donald Trump about his taxes and his ties to the Russians that seem nearly non-existant. Was this the best they could do? Seriously? Have they never heard about this thing called the law of diminishing returns?

Even with all of this, I still think Hillary will win next week. Why? Remember that you’ll have people voting in this election who were born as soon as 1998. You know, the year Bill Clinton got impeached? Names like Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and the newly re-found Danney Williams don’t mean anything to most of the millennials out there. Whether we like or not, that’s the reality that exists.

Hillary Clinton will emerge as someone who barely beat a non-politician to be President. Even the key Republican figures who formed this unholy alliance with her would be fools not to smell the blood in the water once she’s inaugurated in 2017. I fear she will take the country to a war with the Russians, and when that happens, this American citizen will be very sorry about it all.


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