Old Lady Spencer

Nope, it’s not another political blog entry today. Thought I’d lighten up the mood a bit.

One of my favorite podcasts is called the “6:05 Superpodcast” which deals with classical professional wrestling. The host, Brian Last, played this clip a couple of weeks back.

The story goes like this: Northeast wrestling promoter Dennis Coralluzzo was trying to get a hold of fellow manager and promoter Jim Cornette. Instead of reaching Cornette, Dennis gets a hold of this Southern old lady, rather indignant about receiving these calls looking for a “Jim” that doesn’t live at that number.

Over time, things deteriorate, and Mrs. Spencer continues to get cranked by Dennis and his friends. Some of the language in here is most definitely NSFW, but it will definitely make you crack up hearing it.

This is better than listening to our candidates for another 15 minutes — believe me.


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