The Day Of Days

Well, today is the day. If you’re seeing this in the United States (I know some people out there in the blogosphere see this blog from outside the USA), and if you’re register to vote, go out and do it.

I voted last month, so I accompanied my mother to her polling place about 8:15 this morning. (She got me on the Trump Train, and she’s a life-long Democrat with the exception of voting for Ross Perot in 1992.) It was walking distance from her home, so I walked with her. They were taking about 5-8 people in at a time to go in and vote, I guess so they can assist any one confused by the multitude of items on the ballot. When she went in, I sat down and waited for her.

Here’s who I voted for by mail:

  • Donald Trump for President (I figured they were of equal skill, but when I voted last month, Hillary’s health issues were at the forefront. Plus, that was hefore the Wikileaks scandal began to take hold.)
  • Patrick Murphy, the Democratic candidate, in the Florida race for US Senate. (Marco Rubio made comments about not voting for Trump or supporting him, hence my contrarian position.)
  • I voted for Charlie Crist for US Congress in my race. (There hasn’t been a Democratic congressman where I live since the 1960’s at the latest. Plus, Jolly’s another congressman from the GOP who didn’t support Trump.)
  • In the biggest state amendments, I voted for solar power and for the amendment that would allow for marijuana use for medical purposes.

We’ll talk about winners and losers tomorrow, and no matter who you vote for, it’s your right today to vote for who you want. Go out and get it done!


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