Rediscovering Stylish

I mentioned a little while back that, like several Americans of my age, I’m starting to have eyesight problems. For instance, anything on a white background (like Facebook’s default of blue print on a white background) I have trouble seeing. I wear sunglasses when I drive during the day, reading glasses to read the computer screen better, and so forth. (Anything I can get to aid my vision so I can see a normal Facebook screen again? That really sucks.)

Several years ago, I looked at this Chrome extension called Stylish. Back then, I had no use for it. Now, I have quite a use for it.

What you do is you go to site they have backgrounds for, like Twitter for instance, you hit the “S” button on chrome, and pick out a background setting that works best for you. You might have to go through a few of the backgrounds to find one that works for you, but something that’ll be easier on the eyes is probably there.

Just thought I’d share that.


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