Abolish The College?

It was interesting to hear California senator Barbara Boxer mention that the Electoral College should be abolished. I’ve had the same thoughts many times in recent years, well before Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton despite getting a fewer total of votes.

For every election in this country, we use the same system. The person with the most votes wins. That is, with the exception of the presidential election. If you take away this system, Al Gore becomes president in 2000. Does 9/11 happen? What challenges would have awaited us in the early in the 21st century in its place? Would Al Gore have been re-elected in 2004? Would the Democrats have won an incredible seven straight Presidential elections from 1992 to 2016?

Abolishing the Electoral College would probably require a Constitutional amendment, meaning two-thirds of both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives would have to pass it. Or, two-thirds of the state legislatures could enact and pass such a change.

I think it’s time the system changed. One person, one vote, most votes wins. Not a hard concept.



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