In The Neighborhood

I didn’t watch a lot of Netflix as the elections closed in, but now I’ve gone back to watching some stuff on there now that all of that is in the rear-view mirror. Recently, I’ve been watching the six newest episodes of The Fall, starring Gillian Anderson (whose also not that bad an author from what I’ve read) as a Northern Irish detective trying to catch a strangler in Belfast. The third season that I’m watching now adds some new twists that keeps things interesting.

What caught my attention recently was a documentary called Pervert Park, a Swedish film shot in a trailer park a few miles away from where I live, located on the northern side of St. Petersburg near I-275. It captured the life story of several sex offenders living in this community, each with their own stories of abuse, each totally different to the other.

One element did not surprise me: how many of the sex offenders (such as one of the women there) were not only offenders, but offended upon by someone older, more than likely a parent. While abuse is wrong no matter who does it to whom, I find it interesting in a sense how cyclical it all is, and that how no one in government wants to look at or end the vicious cycle. It seems to me that they have no interest in ending the cycle, perhaps to keep its “prison industrial complex” going for the foreseeable future.

While leadership changes at the top, what happens at the middle and the bottom is equally important.


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