Pauly The Social Justice Fugitive

We may have a new President come January, but the social media world is getting a bit darker. I notice that certain people on Facebook have the need to correct me if I dare make a political post, especially if I’m pro-Trump or if the post is somewhat neutral.

Did I bring this upon myself voting the way I did? Maybe. Though I didn’t know this shunning and/or shaming was going to be the consequences of making such a decision. Would have been nice to know in advance, though it wouldn’t change my decision.

Now there’s talk of banning so-called “fake news” out there. I don’t deny that there are sites out there who engage in some rather foul tactics, such as click-baiting. But the one thing I notice is how vague these accusers are being. Exactly which sites are fake news and which are not? Where do we draw the line, and who gets to draw such a line?

Then there was what happened at the “Hamilton” Broadway show Friday, with the cast engaging in a rather unusual castigation of Mike Pence, the vice president to be. I have no problem with the cast engaging in free speech, respectfully or no. I’m just hard pressed to remember when a elected political figure was challenged so personally in recent memory with such verbiage.

Interesting times we live in, and it doesn’t look like it’s getting less interesting anytime soon.


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