I watched Summertime, better known as La Belle Saison in Europe, on Netflix last week. Was expecting a girlie buddy movie, and…well, the buddies were a bit more than buddies.

The two leading women were each pretty good looking, though I thought Izïa Higelin stole the show as Delphine, the farmer’s daughter who goes to Paris at the height of the French feminist movement in 1971. There are some girl-girl love scenes in the flick, but they are not over the top or as overtly explicit as the longer sex scene in Blue Is The Warmest Color, and the women are historically accurate in their…um…form. (In other words, no breast augmentation, or lack of hair not on their heads.)

The use of music in the movie was also interesting to me, shifting from the 70’s to the present day. Janis Joplin tunes like “Move Over” and “Me And Bobby McGee” blared in spots, with 2011’s “In The Grace Of Your Love” by The Rapture playing in the big outdoor scene between Higelin and Cecile de France.

An interesting story to me, considering I didn’t know a lot about modern French history. Worth a look, if you’re an adult.


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