Cause Celeb

I had mentioned a couple of days ago that when I started this blog back in 2011, it would not be beyond the realm of possibility to do multiple blog entries in a day.

You know, I just might get back to that. The only problem is, I’ve done so many of these entries now that I don’t want the material to be representative. I always want what you see to be fresh.

For instance, I’ve mentioned some celebrities I’ve seen or met in past entries. But, I haven’t mentioned who, in my opinion, is the biggest celebrity I have met in my lifetime so far.

I’d argue that seeing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar one night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 1996 would qualify as that for me. I was playing craps (another one of my bad habits from my 20’s, that and strip clubbing) at one of the tables, and someone mentioned that Kareem was a few tables away. I looked around, and saw the bald head and 7-foot-2 frame of the hoopster with the most points in a career in NBA history, not to be confused with the football player with the same name, of course.

No, I didn’t go over and say hello. Probably should have. I just have this theory (and still do) that celebrities want to be left alone as opposed to constantly being reminded that people know who they are. They are worthy of our respect, so I try to give them that respect by doing less, which I tend to think gives them more.

Kareem was recently given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama for hs contributions off the court as well as on, which is why he’s probably #1 on my list of celebs I’ve publicly seen.

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