For The Love Of Spock

I’ve been waiting to see For The Love Of Spock get to Netflix for a while now. Glad to see the documentary there at last.

As soon as I saw it on the system, I grabbed it and watched it right away. Have you ever seen anything hyped online (or, in the old days, on TV and radio), and was happy that you invested your time in such an effort? I got that feeling watching this documentary.

I grew up Star Trek (the original series from the 1960’s that is, not to be confused with its many off-shoots) watching it on our local independent station, Channel 44, WTOG. William Shatner was the star, but Leonard Nimoy, I always thought, was the heart and soul of that package, playing the alien Spock from the planet Vulcan.

The one scene that stood out for me was the shrine set up at the 2015 Burning Man festivities in northwest Nevada held around every Labor Day. The enormity of the display choked me up watching it. With movies, you get the reminder that what you’re watching is a story, not real. With documentaries, you get the reality, which is why it’s my favorite genre to watch on Netflix. I get more enjoyment learning things I don’t know as opposed to subject matter that I do now.

Totally recommend For The Love Of Spock to you. Leonard’s son Adam did an excellent job on it, doing his father proud.

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