Left News, Right News, Fake News, Real News…

Whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent in the United States of America, can we at least agree that after the 2016 Presidential Elections, the landscape of politics will never be the same?

A good example of this is this uproar over the so called “fake news” out there. It is true that there are some sites on Facebook and Twitter that will, as Peter Finch playing Howard Beale said in the movie Network, tell you any s*** you want to hear. The world of the news has turned into that amusement park and circus the Beale character mentioned some 40 years ago.

Now, there’s the added twist of the animals having escaped from their cages, not just on the so-called “fake news” side, but on the “real news” side as well. Mr. Trump’s victory is a crushing blow to that side. So, instead of waiting for the GOP to take steps to make sure a Trump like candidate can never win again in 2020, or 2024 and beyond (and the GOP might go to a “super-delegate” system like the Democrats have anyway), they start with this fractious paradigm of what’s real news and what’s fake.

Just speaking for myself, it smacks of fascism. The best editor of what’s real and what’s fake news is YOURSELVES. Find the truths for yourselves, even if you don’t believe me, or think I’m full of beans.


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