Tragedy In Oakland

They went to a rave club on Friday night. They probably went for a menagerie of reasons, to blow off steam from the stresses of the week, to celebrate the weekend ahead chief among them, no doubt.

They partied at a rave club in Oakland, not knowing what was about to happen. As many of you know by now, a massive fire broke out in the club, moving faster than the people partying could escape from. As of this morning, they know of 36 people who have perished, with the toll perhaps moving higher still.

The media, as it often does, will second guess the decisions and policies the club had, though there is a lot to second guess. The incident itself has parallels to similar events in recent history, such as the Coconut Grove nightclub fire in Boston in 1942 that killed nearly 500. More recently, there was the fire at a Great White concert in Rhode Island that killed 100 at a Rhode Island nightclub in 2003.

Laws will be passed in memorial to the fallen, in an attempt to keep something like this from happening again. There will always be a chance something like this happens, though we don’t spend enough time thinking about it, or so it seems to me. The government could pass one law to change things, or a million. Doesn’t matter. Random chance will always rear its ugly head in the most tragic of ways.

I’m a believer that when it’s time for us to leave the world, it happens, no matter what we do or want to do. Sooner or later, something like this will happen again. We don’t learn from history, so we are, as the adage goes, doomed to repeat it.


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