Podcast Hunting

I’m always shuffling my podcast interests, and my recent “jam” (pun intended) is finding podcasts based on music. I stumbled upon a couple of winners (or so I think) yesterday: The Johnny Cash Radio Hour and Dead Fantasy.

The latter of the two is nothing but Grateful Dead music, about two and a hours worth a podcast. I’m 85% of the way through the first episode I’ve listened to as of this writing, and I haven’t heard any commercials. It’s just music, music, and more music.

The Johnny Cash podcast was also pretty interesting. The most recent hour-long episode that I heard dealt with nothing but all of the songs related to trains that “The Man In Black” sang in his career that spanned six decades. I thought I knew a considerable amount about Johnny, but it paled to comparison to the knowledge of the host of the program, Bill Miller.

For instance, I didn’t know that there was a 1975 version of his classic song “Hey Porter” out there, which was Johnny’s first single in 1954 with the Tennessee Two.

Lots of podcasts out there, certainly enough for everyone’s tastes.




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