Did I mention I’m enjoying this little hot streak the local NFL team has been on?

Yesterday, the streak went to five in a row as the Bucs beat the New Orleans Saints 16-11. Yep, another odd score, only the second such score in NFL history. But as long as the Buccaneers keep winning, I wouldn’t mind if they won 4-2.

Next Sunday night is a big game, as Tampa Bay will be playing in prime time against the Dallas Cowboys. This was originally going to be a Sunday afternoon game, but NBC has a contract that allows them to ditch their scheduled game and bump a Sunday FOX or CBS game to their 8:15pm slot.

The way Tampa Bay has been playing, I think they’d have a chance against the Cowboys, who already know they are going to the playoffs. The only trouble is after losing to the New York Giants 10-7 last night to end an 11-game win streak, they will be playing with renewed focus.

Good. I want Dallas to bring their A-game. That way if the Bucs win, no one can complain.


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