Bubba Out The Door, Kinda

I wasn’t too surprised to hear this morning that Bubba The Love Sponge was once again off of the Tampa Bay airwaves. I predicted this a couple of years ago based on their relationship with Neil Rogers in the latter years of his career in the late 2000’s when Neil was on WQAM, owned by Beasley Broadcasting.

They seemed (at least to me) to have a reputation for giving talent a blank check, just as long as they owned the carpet in their home which they can pull out from under them at any given time.

The ratings tampering allegations probably doesn’t help things, either.

Again, I have no beef with Bubba Clem. He does an excellent show, has a good vision of what his audience wants, demands accountability from his co-workers and his crew. Nothing wrong with those kind of values. There are people in the media business who are so driven by what they do they sometimes go out of bounds. It’s just one of those things in life that happens. He’s kind of become what Mason Dixon was in the past few decades, going from station to station until a new permanent home is found, much like Mason was eventually able to do returning to Q-105 when they went to oldies music.

I do wonder if another station in town picks him up, although Bubba being kept on by Beasley in Ft. Myers will probably prevent that in the short term. He’s pretty much going to be in exile in southwest Florida for a while I would think, until his ratings tampering trial is adjudicated.

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