Where’s The Evidence?

My fellow readers:

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the continued claims out of mostly Democrats, and now the CIA, that the Russians were somehow able to hack into the 2016 Elections. Similar claims have been made in the past month since Trump won, and one media outlet (the Washington Post, if I remember correctly) had to retract such claims recently. Logically, if it wasn’t true then, why would it be true now?

I’ve read that at least 10 of the 538 electors that will be gathering on December 19th, to cast their ballots for what the will of their respective states wanted, want to see the intelligence the CIA has gathered to make the claims that they have made. If the electors are granted access to the intel, then so should the American people, since it is our votes you are altering.

Otherwise, such claims are merely white noise, and, dare I say, a conspiracy theory?

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