Terrorism Begets Nationalism

Terrorist attacks are getting so commonplace, I’m forgetting to mention them, though not deliberately. The most recent attack in the news as of late happened at a traditional Christmas gathering place in Berlin, which killed at least 12 people as of this writing.

This most recent attack lit the cartoonish light bulb over my head yesterday. My self-revelation: all these terrorist attacks, small and large, could be the cause of the “nationalist” movement we’ve seen in the UK, US, and probably other countries in the months ahead.

The people in these nations, quite rightfully, are recognizing that terrorism is not a good thing, and want their leaders to take steps to eliminate their barbaric behavior. In the case of Britain, even if that meant leaving the European Union. In the US (as fluky as Donald Trump’s win was, because he did not get more votes, but won the weighted Electoral College system), even if it meant eliminating terrorism meant building a wall on the Mexican border, or talk of building such a wall.

The more we see of terrorism, the more we will see these countries saying, “We don’t want that s*** here.”

I don’t think the politicians on both sides have figured that out yet, because you have a faction that wants global governance. (Think Star Trek and United Earth.) They want the world to be their marketplace, though the people have figured out that this comes with a set of risks some don’t want: the unruly behavior of those who want to blow stuff up, or in Berlin’s case, engage in mass vehicular homicide.

Sooner or later, the people see thru the nonsense, and see what makes sense. The people’s will eventually wins out, it’s just a matter of when.

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