My Kingdom For A SIM Card

About this time last week, I was having quite an ever loving fit. 

Transitioning from an IPhone 4 to a 5S brought the spectacle of trying to insert a SIM card. That itself took a couple of hours to figure out. 

It turns out there’s a micro door on the right side of the phone you can only open with an unraveled paper clip. If any of you have never had a complicated cell phone, I kid you not. 

When I open up the door, I don’t see the SIM card, which got me thinking what kind of a cockamamie setup is this?  What I didn’t realize is that this microscopic card has to be placed just snugly in its carriage. Luckily, I found it before my cat Harry could eat it off the carpet, where it sat for a few minutes. 

Then the phone initially didn’t read the card. CRAP! I did all of that for nothing?!?  Then, the display flashed like some psychedelic trip for a brief moment. 

It successfully read my card, and was ready to go. 

Sometimes you know where you’re going. Sometimes you have no clue how you get there. This was a combination of both. 


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