Blotchicana Field


Even though I tend to think that bowl games are the bane of my existence as a sports fan, I did manage to watch the St. Petersburg Bowl between Mississippi State and Miami of Ohio on ESPN yesterday. Mississippi State managed to win 17-16, the margin of victory being a missed extra point by Miami, then a blocked field goal very late in the game.

Miami started the year 0-6, but won six in a row to get the bowl bid at 6 wins and 6 losses. Mississippi State finished 5-7, which usually makes a team ineligible for bowl games. But with no teams in Conference USA equally eligible, the Bulldogs got the birth based on being one of the higher schools with such a record based on academic performance.

That’s kind of like awarding sports franchises in the pros to cities with the best average income, isn’t it? A very strange rule.

One thing very noticeable about Tropicana Field when it has a football game: all the blotches of dark green in the turf. As you can see in the pic above, you can make out the diamond-shaped dark green section covering up the baseball dirt. Beyond that, you can make out blotches all over the field in what would be the baseball outfield.

It’s not very noticeable when you watch baseball on TV, but because of lower camera angles ESPN used for the game, it sticks out a bit. It looked like an Andy Warhol painting of a football field, really. I don’t know how long this bowl game will be around (they didn’t even have a sponsor this year), but they might want to fix the turf so that it’s all one color outside of the baseball infield. Just my two cents.

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