Is The Rapture Near?

Another day, another celeb of renown leaves us. This time, it’s Carrie Fisher.

I wasn’t the biggest Star Wars fanatic growing up, though I remember going to see The Empire Strikes Back twice: once in St. Petersburg, the other time visiting relatives in Geneva, New York. The other Star Wars movie I went to see was Return Of The Jedi in 1983 at the old Sunshine Mall in Clearwater.

I was more of a Star Trek kid. But I never thought of the Trekkies and Star Wars buffs being in competition with each other.

Fisher was a battler, and much like George Michael, she had her demons. Many are fondly remembering her now, and that’s not a bad thing.

I do wonder how George Lucas finishes off the series now…

(EDIT, 12/28/2016, 8:50pm: In a rather sad twist of fate, Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, fell ill the day after her daughter died. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and died a few hours later.)


One Comment

  1. Okay, 2016, enough is enough! Quit taking people we love from us! WTH?!? She was listed in stable condition on Sunday, then everything went downhill. That’s two Star Wars actors this year, the first being Kenny Baker just about a month or so ago. Luckily for the franchise, no one ever saw his face anyway and they were able to find another actor to replace him when Kenny got sick, but there’s no replacing Princess Leia, even if they wanted to…RIP Carrie, and MTFBWYA!


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