2017 Predictions!


And…here we are. It’s the first day of the new year of 2017.

Let me let you all in on a little secret: this is usually my favorite blog entry of the year. I enjoy making these predictions, a tradition going back to my old LiveJounral blog back in the 2000’s. Sometimes I’m WAY off the mark, sometimes I hit the jackpot doing this. Last year was my best year yet, nailing the Trump presidency and the Cubs win in the World Series.

One last note: much as is the case back when Art Bell and his callers made predictions back when he hosted Coast To Coast AM back in the day, I do NOT predict deaths nor terrorist attacks. Weather catastrophes may or may not be predicted, as most of us can get out of the way of such events.

Here we go:

  1. Donald Trump exceeds all expectations as President. His approval rating will be at 75% sometime around September before a scandal involving his business dealings is unearthed. This aids in the bitterness between the two major parties that currently exists as 2016 closes.
  2. Outgoing President Barack Obama starts a podcast and does well with it, easily the most listened to such show on ITunes most of the year. It inspires many more “average people” to start podcasts of their own.
  3. It will be a great sports year for Cleveland, as the Indians win the World Series over the Washington Nationals, and the Cavs once again stun the Warriors to win the NBA crown.
  4. In the comeback story of the year, Tiger Woods wins a major in 2017.
  5. Chess makes a comeback on TV, with a celebrity chess tournament capturing the public’s imagination as a part game show, sport, and reality show.
  6. Netflix raises its monthly fee to nearly $13 a month, but continues to flourish. Their newest creation in 2017 challenges the UFC by staging a series of MMA-like fights with totally unclothed competitors (akin to Pankration in ancient Greece), longer bouts, and fewer rules. It proves a flop as fans quickly get repulsed with the graphic nudity and some graphic injuries.
  7. The stock market goes over 21,000 during the year, then falls back to 15,000 closer to year’s end, as the US and China get into a trade war.
  8. Florida gets a resilient Cat 2 hurricane that hits Miami, then the panhandle of the state. It’s the only such storm to threaten the US this year.
  9. For the third time in 10 years, the Patriots and Giants meet in the Super Bowl, with New England winning a lopsided game in Houston. The other big news for the NFL this season is that it cancels Thursday night games outside of the opening weekend.
  10. Locally, the Rays go 65-97 and fire manager Kevin Cash in the middle of the season. the Lightning lose in the second round of the NHL playoffs to Montreal, and the Bucs go 12-4 in 2017, making them a solid Super Bowl contender as 2018 dawns.

Happy New Year!

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