The Bastard Monday

It is a day that doesn’t happen every year, kind of like Leap Day. But once every seven years or so, there is what I call Bastard Monday, which is when New Year’s Day falls on Sunday, and January 2nd falls on Monday.

I call it such because, much like a child born out of wedlock, no one knows what to do with it. These days, Bastard Monday is a good thing, because the mail isn’t delivered and the banks are closed, so it’s treated as a holiday. Wasn’t always that way, unfortunately.

One such a day was the 2nd day of 1984. The bowl games were on TV, but our public school system decided that the kids all had to return from winter break that given day, so back to Largo Middle School I went as a 12 year-old in the 7th grade. I wound up missing most of the big Orange Bowl game that year between Miami and Nebraska with the Hurricanes beating the #1 Cornhuskers 31-30 when Nebraska tried a two-point conversion when a tie (a game could end tied back then, overtime wasn’t instituted for bowl games until the mid 1990’s) would have given them the championship. Instead, Miami won the title, and a college football dynasty was born.

Of course, if I had to go back to school on January 3rd, I still would have missed the game. But on that January 2nd of 1984, the origins of Bastard Monday were born.

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