The Podcast Rules

Back before Thanksgiving, I had mentioned the podcasts I was listening to at that given time. Since then, I’ve developed a few rules about the podcasts I listen to in order to make sure I’m getting a wider field of knowledge, and thus making sure I’m not listening to the same topics or bands.

My rules are:

  • Only one podcast to a topic.
  • Only one podcast from any one company. (For example, only one podcast from NPR.)
  • I try to listen to at one show with a topic or host I disagree with.
  • I don’t try to listen to podcasts with a very open political bias that’s a strong point of the show.
  • If I have no podcasts with current episodes to listen to, I allow myself to add a new one.
  • But, I’m also allowed to waive any of those rules…you guessed it…one time.

Notice how the number “one” keeps coming up? Hmmm.

And so, my current list looks like this:

  • 6:05 Superpodcast (comes out every 10 days or so, but the host, Brian Last, puts out exceptional work, so worth the added wait)
  • The Jim Cornette Experience (yep, used my “waiver” on classic wrestling, a lot more fun then than it is now…)
  • The Big Listen (NPR’s podcast about other podcasts with the fun and snarky Lauren Ober)
  • Lionel Nation
  • Dead Fantasy (The Johnny Cash podcast stopped putting out new episodes sometime in July)
  • Five Hundy By Midnight
  • Three Moves Ahead
  • Common Sense With Dan Carlin
  • Freakonomics Radio
  • Gambler’s Book Club (sporadically does podcasts, but puts out good stuff when they’re on)
  • Penn’s Sunday School
  • Brain Samich
  • Flash Forward
  • This Week In Tech (I still think Leo Laporte is an ass, but you gotta keep up with current technology somehow)
  • The Minimalist

This list will get refined over time with my tastes, but it’s a good starting point as 2017 dawns.


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