Russia, Hoaxes, and Hucksters


I’m really trying hard not too talk too much about politics on this blog here in the ol’ 2-0-1-7, common era. But the media infatuation with Russia somehow meddling in the last Presidential election, and how that’s morphed into a blackmail scandal, and now a scandal some are saying is a hoax… wow.  Just wow.

The details, real and unreal, continue to develop, so mentioning them here would probably be an injustice and look dated six hours after I post.

I said this morning to someone that if Ted Turner were deceased (and I certainly do not wish that upon him, he was and is an innovator), he’d be rolling over in his grave. The whole thing is turning into quite the circus, with CNN parading as bastions of real news while being trolled by fake news. Was there this much hysteria when Dwight Eisenhower took office in 1953? You know, the last guy whose first political occupation was being President?

No, I don’t think Trump is completely clean and above corruption. He was simply better ethically than the Democratic opposition, a political perfect storm the likes of which we’ll likely never see again in our lifetimes. I’m sure if they looked hard enough at his business dealings, they may find something.

I’ve lost people who I thought were good friends over voting for Donald Trump, some of whom have implied I’m somehow a racist. That sort of lunacy just proves they never were my friends to begin with. I’m looking forward to the time were some sanity can prevail once again.

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