The Betsy

Betsy DeVos in 2005…

As many of you know, I’m not the most liberal blogger out here in cyberspace, nor am I the most conservative. I try and tell it like it is, and let things fall wherever gravity takes them.

That being said, I bellied up to my TV set and watched the hearing for Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick to lead the education department on C-SPAN, and I thought it was quite the disaster.

She got tripped up about questions over testing students by Al Franken, and that was her best moment in that particular five minutes of questioning. The other Democrats, logically, were eager to get their questions in, but DeVos skillfully evaded answering questions directly. Hell, she pretty evaded every question a Democrat threw at her!

She reminded me somewhat of Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary Of State who presided over the falderol after the 2000 Presidential Elections. Much like Mrs. Harris, DeVos struck me as someone who only got where she was because she came from a family and upbringing that had wealth.

No matter how you feel politically, when power is so closely connected to the almighty dollar, nobody wins. I thought Mr. Trump and his campaign would bring fresh air to Washington, but I’m beginning to realize that these new breezes still have a staleness to it.

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