Alternative Facts, You Say?

Well kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride, if the first two days of Trump’s administration are any indication of things. 

Kellyanne Conway just scared the bejesus of me, and I was a Trump voter! I saw a clip of her debating (for the lack of a better term) Chuck Todd on Meet The Press earlier today. 

Conway appears to have coined a new phrase that will likely be used repeatedly over the next few years: alternative facts. I wasn’t too pleased to hear that. 

A fact is something that can be proven beyond any doubt. As I type this blog, my heart beats. My fingers move across a cell phone technologically advanced enough to transmit these thoughts onto the Internet in blog form. Those are facts, things that can’t be in dispute. 

Tone of the argument aside, Mr. Todd is correct that alternate facts cannot exist by definition. Alternate opinions CAN exist. But Todd didn’t use that terminology.  Conway did. 

I found it all a bit embarrassing, and a bit of a blunder for the Trump team. Stay tuned. 



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