Falcons And Patriots And A Super Bowl, Oh My!

If you’re a sports fan, you know already that Atlanta and New England’s NFL teams have a date in two weeks to decide the 51st Super Bowl winner in Houston. 

Both teams were the Vegas favorites, and each of the two games were won today with little trouble. 

Not having seen who the betting favorite is at the time of this writing, I would think the Patriots would be a favorite in the range of three points. If the Pats got more points, something close to six to seven, the Falcons would be an attractive bet. 

Tom Brady goes to his seventh Super Bowl. Prior to his career starting, no other quarterback had played or won any more than four. By any standard, and even with his share of controversy, he’s an all time great. 

I also wonder how many more times he will grace the gridiron should he win his fifth Super Bowl. It must be tempting to retire on top.

I’m also very happy for Rich McKay, son of John McKay, the first Bucs coach. Rich helped engineer Tampa’s only NFL championship in 2002-03 as their general manager. Now, he goes for a second title as the Falcons GM. 

So many stories, and I’m sure the media will hype the game to the hilt. Because, don’t they always?

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