The Storm Of The Moment

Watching the tribal ritual of NFL Football yesterday also brought much talk of a weather system moving into central Florida that afternoon and evening. This system was not your normal cold front, moving northwest to southeast across the area: this brought a high risk of severe and tornadic weather, or so said the national severe weather office based in Norman, Oklahoma.

A high risk of severe weather here in Florida is unheard of, said the local meteorologists, as is the non-hurricane type of storm vowing to do that much damage. The last time I could remember a storm with that much promise was the No-Name Storm of 1993. Sure enough, the CBS station stopped airing the Pats-Steelers game to cover a radar-spotted tornado heading for Longboat Key, well to my south, not too far from Sarasota.

The weathercasters at WTSP, Channel 10, apologized profusely, but if I ran a TV station, football or no football, I would have done the SAME THING. Saving lives by alerting people to danger takes a higher precedence than a football game, even one that decides who goes to the Super Bowl.

In my neck of the woods, we were spared any damage. I prepared for the storm as if it were a hurricane, bringing in all those objects in the front yard that could go flying. And so, on life will go. Better to be safe and take precautions than to do otherwise.


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