The Bee In My Knee

I don’r know exactly when it happened, but for about a week or so, my left knee has been giving me trouble. I went to sleep one night with a normal knee, and woke up the next with one of Joe Namath’s knees.

The knee had swollen up a bit by the time I began feeling the trouble. I had a full bottle of Ben Gay on me, and I’ve been using it, and the swelling has gone down. Something is still a bit odd with the right side of the left knee, and getting up from a sitting position or laying down is a bit awkward, requiring a limp or a hobble.

Hoping whatever is still wrong can take care of itself somehow, as I really don’t like going to the doctor. My Dad had knee replacement on both of his knees, and I hope I didn’t get his hereditary with this body part. Arthritis, maybe? Don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m making sure I’m giving it a bit more rest.


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