A Well Needed Time Out


As many of you know, tonight is the playing of the 51st Super Bowl. (The NFL has this obsession with roman numerals, so they call the event Super Bowl LI.) Either New England or Atlanta walk away tonight as the champion team of the year, and the sports world thereafter will turn to other events, like the Daytona 500, and the 2017 MLB baseball season.

I have seen the Super Bowl referred to a few times over the years as the Great American Time Out. With all the vitriol in the news over our new President, and the changes he wishes to make with the country, and the unprecedented staunchness of the left who have put up such resistance to even his cabinet picks, it’s a well deserved break.

I have also had the honor of going to a Super Bowl in person, the 25th such game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, won by New York by just one point. I can close my eyes and still see the late Whitney Houston singing the national anthem in the epic way she performed it. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

If you ever get or win the chance to go to the Super Bowl, do it. You’ll never forget it.

As for my pick, I like the Patriots, 42-34. The Falcons are a very good team, so I wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled off the mild upset. I just think New England is not just playing for today’s game, but for history as well. A win by the Pats would give both Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick five Super Bowls, the most for any one quarterback or head coach.

Enjoy the game. For sports fans worldwide, today is Christmas Day.

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