Giving No Quarter, Asking No Quarter

To go along with the first Suprr Bowl to end regulation tied and needing overtime to break, we’ve now had what’s believed to be the first tie vote in the US Senate to confirm a member of a President’s cabinet. Much like sports, the Senate has its own tie breaking procedure: the Vice President votes, and so Betsy DeVos is now the Secretary of Education.

These are interesting times politically and for our country. A new Supreme Court justice nominee, a widening conflict with Iran, and the continuing war of words between Trump, his staff, the media, and the Democrats. 

Generally, I root for our country, not against it. Much like Mr. Trump made errors in his bid to be President last year, he seems to have the same learning curve as President. He adjusted well as 2016 progressed, so it’s logical he’ll adapt to things as his Presidency progresses. 

The caveat to that thinking, however, is that the opposition is much more diverse, and that some of these things can’t be controlled, like the economy. Then there’s that George Soros fellow, who many on the conservative side believe is the architect and financier of these protests over Trump’s immigration reforms. 

All we can do is keep watching and see how things play out. 


One Comment

  1. Yet another example of the empty promise of “draining the swamp”. Devos is another unqualified billionaire who has bought her new position. Unqualified doesn’t even begin to describe her and I’m completely disgusted that except for Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski not one single Republicans listened to the thousands of phone calls and emails which flooded their offices. I very much fear that this woman is going to further weaken our public school system.😕


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