Slings And Arrows

I tried to take a “news break” over the weekend. The operative word being “tried” as everywhere I tried to take refuge, I found vestiges of our current world.

Melissa McCarthy as White House press briefer Sean Spicer I found very funny, mainly because I’m already a McCarthy fan. I’m surprised she’d take that political of a role, but she had the foresight to figure out the role would be a huge hit for her.

The People’s Court skit with Alec Baldwin playing Trump on it; that was a bit more risky. There’s a huge difference of opinion about the real President Trump’s executive order on the ban, or extreme vetting, of immigrants from seven nations in Africa and the Middle East that don’t seem to do their own vetting. The “judge” just seemed to spout what liberal opinion was on the matter, that this is a de-facto ban of Muslims, so it came out as a talking point disguised as comedy.

The Jake Tapper-Kellyanne Conway “Fatal Attraction” sketch, with an actress playing Kellyanne playing Glenn Close from that famous 80’s movie seemed a bit of a stretch for movie. The real-life Kellyanne turned 50 on January 20th, so playing an oversexed stalker? Nah, I didn’t get it. She’s a bit mouthy, but I don’t see her being the kind of person whoring herself off for CNN interview time.

I think SNL will eventually get bored with their incessant satire of Trump, for a couple or reasons. One, I see things ratcheting up between the executive and judicial branches, especially if Trump defies court rulings on the immigration matter. That would no doubt force a constitutional crisis (something of an cliche nowadays), but it’s also something I don’t see news outlets covering as even a remote possibility. That’s a bit strange, considering how head-strong our President sometimes is.

Moreover, even if Trump soldiers on, fighting with the Democrats day by day in some sort of legislative trench warfare, public opinion might swing towards Trump and the GOP if they hold a united front. That too might be a stretch, considering there are no doubt GOP senators and congressman holding grudges from Trump’s campaign.

Stay tuned, as always. It’s certainly not a dull scene, that’s for sure.



  1. It is hard to have sympathy for a billionaire, especially this one who I feel will not be able to fulfill some of what he promised. Personally I think impeachment is becoming a strong possibility the more that he continues to undermine the judiciary.


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