Crossing Lines, Blurred Lines

The ongoing war between President Trump and the media – breathtaking. I heard Chris Wallace on FOX earlier today saying that the President crossed the line when he said the media is the enemy of the American people.

I tend to think that if this is true, the media crossed the line first with their allegations that President Trump is tight with Russia. They want you to forget that so was Hillary Clinton, who gave the Russians all that uranium. Further, the Russians don’t have anything to lose any way they play it: if they support the American left, the American right, or play the double game of playing both sides. Sure, I want the media to do their job, but without harder facts in the whole Russian matter, I can’t say that the job is being done.

I’m also not surprised that, in my opinion, the President has already gotten bored with the D.C. game and is campaigning in spots across the country as if it was still 2016 on the calendar. He plays to his strengths, and he’d be a fool not to play to his strength.

Who knows what happens this week, but so far, it’s been a very interesting ride. Who knows where it goes next.



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