Shots Fired In The News Wars


Infowars hosts David Knight (left) and Alex Jones (right), February 21, 2017.

I was reading this morning about how Alex Jones and his Infowars news outfit lost a major sponsor yesterday in Adroll, costing them millions in revenue.

A lot of you will no doubt say, “Good! Alex is a nut, anyways.” If you think that way, may I suggest to you that you’re not seeing the big picture on this.

While Adroll is a private business and can do what it wants, what they haven’t done, according to Jones, is give a bona fide reason as to why they’ve cut ties. That led many Infowars fans into believing that this is merely an attempt to quash free speech, and that the move is to punish conservative news organizations that openly support President Trump. (Who else are they going to support?  Hillary?  She lost.)

If organizations such as the “Sleeping Giants” group can go after Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulis, or Breitbart, who’s next? Rush Limbaugh? Or, someone who does satire like a Phil Hendrie?

We’ll have to watch and see if Adroll’s actions were a one-time event or the beginning of a trend. A very dangerous trend.



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