Good Work If You Can Get It

If you’re a Democrar or a Republican, can we agree on one thing?

They don’t seem to put a lot of work in. 

Take last week for instance. There was Presidents Day on Monday, yes. Then Congress took the whole week off, and Republicans had their big CPAC meeting in Maryland late in the week. 

A lot of the Congress people and senators have been meeting their constituents at town hall meetings. As some of you have been seeing, some of these meetings haven’t gone well, especially for Republicans. Funny how no one gives Democrars a similarly hard time. 

I wonder, as no doubt you do as well, why that is. Better organization amongst Democratic organizers despite poor leadership at the top?  That could be. 

It just seems that those who work in DC spend more time bitching about problems than fixing them. Whatever happened to working together to solve problems and compromising?

We set terrible examples for younger generations the way things are now. But I suppose we are to blame, more or less. 


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