The Driving Proctology Exam

It was another trip to Walmart this past Saturday around 10:30 in the morning or so. Did I mention we’re getting a lot more aggressive drivers in my neighboorhood lately?

Oh yeah, I’ve kind of had enough of them. Sure enough, along comes this SUV taking up every inch behind me, somehow managing not to hit my back end. 

I don’t how close I’m going to the 25 mile an hour speed limit. Quite frankly, I don’t care. If the SUV driver is going to hold his own proctology exam behind me, I’m going to at least slow him or her down as much as possible. 

The driver honked at someone as he or she turned left when I went straight. If it was meant for me, hey, guilty as charged. 

Those who want respect give respect, and I wasn’t getting any of it. 


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