Switching Parties And Chinese Food

Anyone want some tea?

My mother has a politically incorrect name for me from time to time. Since I love Chinese food, and have been known to totally reorganize my day or do something I loathe to get a chance at it, she calls me Chiney Boy. 

Yesterday, we went to our favorite place off of Park Boulevard in Seminole, the Zom Hee. First, we went to the Elections offices in Largo. 

My mom, a life long Democrat, is now a Republican. I’ve also switched from being Independent to the GOP. 

Going to the Zom in Seminole twice in the past six weeks has been a changing experience. It used to be a quiet place to go, but nowadays everyone talks politics there. 

People either love or hate Trump, and it’s usually an even split. 

But they can’t stop talking about him. 


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