20 Items Or Less: Here We Go Again

Believe it or not, it happened again.

A trip to Walmart earlier in 2017.

I was at the local Walmart here in Pinellas Park on Saturday, and I didn’t have a lot to get. I’m getting near the end of my hunt, and I’m counting items.

At the end, my count is at 19, or so I think. Perfect! I can get at the “20 items or less” lane and likely save some time. The Walmart employees have given me guff last year about using the automated checkout, the only problem was every time they dinged me, they were wrong.

Surely in a lane with a cashier, they wouldn’t do this again. But they did. And I was wrong. I didn’t have 19 items. I had 20. The horror and sacrilege!!!

This cashier also didn’t like the fact that I was correct. Every time I tried to grab a plastic bag from the rotating tray, she’d spin it around on me. Then she tried to shoo me without giving me a receipt, but I demanded it.

She told me she was sorry, flashing me a fake smile.

I shot back, “No argument from me.”

And so, the persecution of 20-item shoppers or thereabouts goes on. If it happens again, I think I have a good idea what to do, but I’ll save that for another post some time in the future.

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