Healthcare Hysteria

The future of America’s health care system is constantly being debated these days. I just wonder why the hell our government ever got involved in this business.

Then, I wind up answering my own question. Because there’s money in it, dummy. Even though this looks like someone is replacing a 20 year old used car with a 15 year old used car.

I don’t see what is different about the GOP proposals in theory as opposed to what the Democrats had. The Dems had the mandate that requires health insurance under penalty of a fine. The GOP plan doesn’t have that, but if your insurance lapses, you have to pay 30 percent increase.

What difference does it make?  You take it in the shorts either way, and your hard-earned money becomes THEIRS. The only difference being your money goes to the insurance firms, and through taxes the government makes money in a kickback.

At this point, I think President Trump and Bernie Sanders should have some sort of healthcare summit. Otherwise, whoever become President after the Donald will just have to fix it again. Or, could it be that the Republican congress has a more sinister plan: to bust out the system as it stands now by pushing a replacement that’s unpassable, then push a better plan to make them look like saviors?  Risky.

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