A Piece Of The Action


Over the past week, I was paying attention with great interest to the new VSIN network and their chronicling of the $352,000 wagered by Derek Stevens, owner of the D Hotel and Casino, of 32 first-round games in this year’s NCAA basketball tournament.

Stevens bet on  the four “first four” play-in games, then the 28 first round games not involving those teams who played in the play-in round. He went 10-19-3 (10 wins, 19 losses, and three games landing right on the point spread for “pushes” which count as neither a win or a loss), losing $109,000 in total.

Stevens, according to Brent Musburger on his Sunday show “My Guys In The Desert”, also has a bet on Michigan to win the NCAA tournament at 80-1. Derek wagered $12,500, so if he’s correct, he wins a cool $1,000,000.

I’ve always heard that the most successful sports handicappers play very few games, not a whole bunch of them. The “wisdom” in that is the fewer games you wager on, the less errors one can make. Then again, Las Vegas hasn’t had all that money pour in because there’s a lot of “sharps” out there looking for openings in the sports lines.

Can’t help but hope the Wolverines win the whole shebang, though.

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