Saving Speaker Ryan

The results were probably something President Trump wanted all along. He does strike me as a bit Machiavellian from time to time, after all.

As we now know, the healthcare proposals of the Trump administration couldn’t even get out of the House of Representatives on Friday. There wasn’t even a consensus amongst the Republicans to get the deal done, with moderates and far-right Republicans proving to be the obstacles.

Now the typical finger pointing and other such punditry has begun. Some are calling for House Speaker Paul Ryan to step down. The point does have logic to it, as he advocated the merits of the new system to staggering levels.

Some are blaming the Freedom Caucus, a group of constitutional Republicans, for holding out for a better deal. I can’t blame them, really. Most of us were doing likewise.

I’ve always believed that if you have to sell something that hard, its probably something you are better off not having. Now Obamacare likely implodes, and the Trump team will later be able to work off a clean slate as opposed to the frequently erased chalkboard they have now.

A better day and deal will come. I haven’t given up on Trump yet.

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