Pay Up, Or The Cable Box Gets It!

There’s a now familiar message that’s been scrolling on the bottom of the screen during Rays games. It reminds viewers that the games might not be airing on your cable system if that system is Spectrum Cable, which used to be Bright House here prior to the start of 2017.

This drama has been playing out in various regional outlets other than Tampa Bay, such as Cleveland, San Diego, and Atlanta. Deadlines pass, but yet the regional Fox Sports outlet has stayed on my Spectrum system after a few of these “deadlines” have come and gone.

I don’t know if I’ve said it on this blog before, but I know I’ve felt this way before. There ought to be a law that when circumstances like this come up, the viewer isn’t held hostage, or used as a pawn in a publicity battle like Fox has been encouraging. Matters like these should find a way to resolve themselves without the viewing public having to choose sides, or decipher who the “good guys” or “bad guys” are, because when stuff like this happens, EVERYBODY loses.


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