Mister Jones

I wasn’t surprised to hear recently that lawyers for conservative talk show host Alex Jones admit that when he’s on the air, he thinks of himself as a performer. He was in a fight to keep custody of his children, a battle he has since lost in court. 

I’ve known some of the so-called “crazy” right wing talk show hosts back in my radio days. Odd thing is, I got along with them, and they didn’t have to yell and scream to get a point across, on the air or off of it. You’d have a heart attack and keel over being that person 24/7, or go insane, one of the two. 

I’ve listened to him here and there over the years, but it’s hard to not notice how guests go in and out of favor with time. For example, Alex was tight with Jesse Ventura for a while, but since Ventura railed against the Electoral College recently, I don’t think he’s been on since. 

With Trump announcing he’s now a globalist, I’m going to take a wild guess Jones despises the President these days, and knowing that defeats the purpose of me tuning in, right?

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