Exposing The Divide

Last week, TV host Stephen Colbert referred to President Trump as someone whose mouth was only good for committing a homosexual act on Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Colbert would then go on and say a couple of days later that he regretted the wording, but that he tells jokes and Trump has nuclear launch codes, so it’s thus a fair fight.

Then on Friday past, Bill Maher made a similar “joke” that suggested that Ivanka Trump committed the same kind of act, with the President on the receiving end in an act of incest.

(The reason for Colbert’s outrage was that Trump had given CBS’s John Dickerson an interview, then abruptly ended it when Dickerson began asking Trump about his claims of President Obama wiretapping him.)

Thus, the bar has been dramatically raised or lowered, depending on your perspective, as to what can be said about a sitting President. Usually such comments in past years demanded an apology at least, though it can be argued Colbert did that half heartedly.

Next month, I’m planning to start covering the 19th season of Big Brother. If I had to make the decision today, I would be boycotting covering the show. Trust me, I get why people hate the President, but calling him basically something rhyming with rock sucker is just a bit over the top.

Homophobia is homophobic, no matter the political leanings of the person making the remark. CBS doesn’t have to punish Mr. Colbert, just as no one is forcing me to write about one of their shows. In time, the people will speak with what channels they watch and the sponsors of these shows they do business with.

It’s just a matter of what the people choose to say that’s up in the air.  I just kind of wonder if we’ve crossed the line of what’s in good taste, and if so, when did we cross it, and how long will it continue to be ignored if we have?


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