Practice Makes Purrfect 

At Petco, April 27, 2017, Pinellas Park.

A couple of weeks ago, I took Harry for his once every three months nail clipping at Petco. 

But, I had to take Harry to the store twice in three days. The first time I took him, I learned that they had adjusted the hours they offer pet grooming, from noon to 8pm.  Before that, you could go anytime they were open. 

Harry doesn’t like being caged up, as I figure most cats wouldn’t. He hangs on to me and meows what sounds like a “No!” when I put him in before eventually concedes. 

He also, in his older age, vomits in his cage when I take him there. Don’t know how that “car sickness” got started.  But I always give him treats (catnip flavored Temptations) when the ordeal is over. 


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