The Telltale Hot Dogs

I’ve been going to Wally World on Sundays lately, with Mothers Day Sunday being no exception. 

It wasn’t a great day by any means. The store was unusually crowded for a mid-morning, so everywhere you had to go, someone was already there in all likelihood. 

I check out, several items later. Then when I put everything away, it hits me. 

“Didn’t I buy hot dogs today?  You know, those New York Sabrett hot dogs you like? Where are they?”

I do my forensics. I look at the receipt. Hot dogs are on there near the bottom. I asked the check out lady if I had retrieved everything from that rotating tray that houses the plastic bags for filling. She said nope, I had everything, and I had thought so as well. 

That means somewhere between there, loading and unloading the car, they disappeared. 

It happens once in s while, you get something but what you get doesn’t make the trip home with you, somehow or some way. I just wonder, at least for now, where it got lost. 

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