Roger, Over And Out

It’s funny how you sometimes remember the smallest details in your life, like where you were when you first discovered something.

I remember where I was when I saw Fox News for the first time. It was on July 25, 1999 in Westchester County, New York, where I was for a relative’s wedding. (Actually, the wedding itself was in a church in The Bronx, but everything else took place in Westchester.) Then, when I came back to the Tampa Bay area from living in Charlotte, North Carolina for a year, FNC was on the cable system I had.

As many know now, Roger Ailes passed on Thursday at age 77. Not only did he have a hand in the creation of Fox News, but also was involved in the formation of MSNBC and the discovery of Rush Limbaugh for his national syndication run. 

Certainly I get why a lot of people hated Roger professionally and personally. However, I think the true test of the value of somebody’s life is to see if their field of expertise could be recreated if they hadn’t existed, or perhaps better put, if their accomplishments had changed anything.

I guess the argument could be made that TV and the political realm would have existed without Ailes, but it most definitely the face of each field changed under him. Again, some would say not for the better, bit it did change none the less.


Flashback: “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden

Modern music and I don’t get along all that well.

I’ve always felt pop/rock music peaked in the 80’s and the first half of the 90’s. But that’s just me. In the 90’s I started listening to the Heavy Metal side more. Pearl Jam. Alice In Chains. Nirvana and the genius Kurt Cobain, and the tragic waste of his life and talents due to his suicide. Metallica and “Enter Sandman” which the New York Yankees would use for Mariano Rivera when he came into scores of baseball games. Seemed at the time that’s where culture was going.

But I did know who Chris Cornell was, a member in a band called Soundgarden being among his contributions. Always liked this song in particular, along with another hit of theirs called “Spoonman” that I always thought had a good beat to it.

Cornell passed away a few days back at age 52, reportedly by suicide. RIP, and thanks for the memories.

Flashback: “Hurt” by Johnny Cash

This is the first of two Flashbacks this week. The regularly scheduled one today, and one tomorrow in honor of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame who died overnight Wednesday going into Thursday.

Hard to not think of a song Johnny Cash has covered and NOT think of this Nine Inch Nails cover released in 2002.

Personally, this is the song that turned me into a fan of his, and helped me fully understand who he was. Some say it’s depressing to listen to, and I suppose it can be. I found it a bit enlightening as well.

North Korea Proofing The Computer

I’m writing this entry on my IPhone, because I’m having one of my programs, Advanced System Care, check any possible vulnerable spots on my Windows PC. 

In light of what happened last week around the world, where “ransom ware” got unwillingly installed on scores of computers worldwide, I could use the piece of mind. 

Now, I have time to get the latest Windows updates when they come out, but not everyone has the time or patience for it. That’s how these hackers get you. As Robert De Niro said in the movie Casino, they are lions looking for weak antelope. 

No, I’ve never thought about becoming a hacker. I enjoy life without the threat of going to jail. Some people don’t care of course, and that’s no way to live a life. 

Fake Boobies At Walmart

One of the more viewed blog entries I’ve had in the five and a half years I’ve been doing this blog was called “Sideboob Hour At Walmart” that I wrote back in October of 2013.

Well, wait until you hear this one. And no, this isn’t going to go where you think it’s going to go.

The last couple of nights, I’ve been seeing Walmart ads on Facebook, with suggested items to buy designed just for, I assume, the Facebook user in question; namely me. Twice in a row, I get hit with the same suggested item: falsie breasts for transvestites, on sale for $29.95.


I can assure my audience here and now that I’ve never had the need or want to get fake female breasts, even for under $30, even at Walmart. Truth be told, I once wore women’s clothes as a teenager on a dare. It was not a pleasant experience. Haven’t mentioned it anywhere on the Internet until now.

I’ve also had a good amount of pectoral fat ever since I was a child. To a degree, think of the Meat Loaf character in Fight Club, just not to the degree of the problem Meat’s character had. But how could Walmart have known something like that, to give me an ad from an element in my life so obscure and long forgotten.

Just weird, wild stuff, not to mention a bit creepy.

The Telltale Hot Dogs

I’ve been going to Wally World on Sundays lately, with Mothers Day Sunday being no exception. 

It wasn’t a great day by any means. The store was unusually crowded for a mid-morning, so everywhere you had to go, someone was already there in all likelihood. 

I check out, several items later. Then when I put everything away, it hits me. 

“Didn’t I buy hot dogs today?  You know, those New York Sabrett hot dogs you like? Where are they?”

I do my forensics. I look at the receipt. Hot dogs are on there near the bottom. I asked the check out lady if I had retrieved everything from that rotating tray that houses the plastic bags for filling. She said nope, I had everything, and I had thought so as well. 

That means somewhere between there, loading and unloading the car, they disappeared. 

It happens once in s while, you get something but what you get doesn’t make the trip home with you, somehow or some way. I just wonder, at least for now, where it got lost. 

Off The Train

I’ve had an amazing reversal, or maybe it was an epiphany, on my thinking regarding the President. It hit me Friday morning when I read his tweets, and his veiled threat to former FBI head James Comey.

It hit me that Mr. Trump is not a normal person, beyond being President. In retrospect, I don’t know why I didn’t see it earlier. Normal people would let someone like Mr. Comey go, like someone you pass on the side of the road, eventually getting smaller in the rear view mirror. But Trump, against all logic, couldn’t let him go without threatening him. Normal people don’t do that.

But Trump made this veiled threat Friday morning on Twitter at Comey, suggesting there’s a tape (more likely some sort of recording) of a conversation between the two. It’s about there where I tapped out, my mind screaming, “I can’t! I can’t!!!”

What can I say? We all went looking for the quick fix voting for this guy. It’s not like voting for the wife of a former impeached President was a stellar idea in itself.

Trump is a child, and he had a hell of a tantrum last week. He’s going to do a lot more damage before all is said and done. And I voted for him, though I wasn’t alone.

I regret it though, seriously. All I can hope for is not to get fooled again, I guess. There was talk in the papers of a major cabinet shakeup on Sunday, so out President will only continue to accumulate enemies.